Between the 1940’s and the 1970’s pitch fibre drainage was a very cost effective and simple way of replacing and installing new drainage systems. However, due to the poor structural qualities of the material, pitch fibre over the years has begun to crush/mis form and in certain cases totally fail.

In a majority of cases where the process of compression of pitch fibre is caught early enough, we have the facility to re-shape/re-form pitch fibre drainage back to the installed shape and size using a specialized winch and pully system, dragging a bullet shaped instrument through the affected section of drainage.

Once the line has been re-formed, it’s then essential to install a structural drain liner through the affected drain to ensure future structural integrity. In rare occasions re-forming may not be possible, leaving only one option available – Manual excavation and replacement.

The above picture show a crushed section of pitched fibre drain, a diagram of the winch system used, along with a final photo of the completed repair to a reformed and lined drain.

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