Plans for an extension to a nursing home in Malvern were recently given approval after a clause in the contract was added that states a CCTV drainage survey must be carried out on the sewerage system.

The nursing home on Victoria road, Malvern will see a major redevelopment including refurbishment works and a much needed extension. However, residents in the surrounding area complained, stating reasons such as tress would be removed and privacy would be lost. Another concern was that sewers on Victoria road have flooded a number of times in the past and there were fears the expansion of the property would put an extra strain on the sewerage system.

However, after reassurances and plans for a full CCTV survey were drawn up, the development control committee gave the go-ahead for the development.

Problems with drainage can cause serious problems for homeowners, so it’s no wonder these residents wanted assurances before the plans were given the OK. Using a CCTV survey, the drainage professionals will be able to find out what is causing the drains to overflow and carry out the necessary repairs, so the problem can be solved.

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