The recent flooding problems have caused grave discomfort to the residents of North Lonsdale. And Lonsdale folk have finally decided to take the matter into their own hands. The residents arranged a council meeting at Ulverston Town Council. According to them, the flooding could have been avoided with timely drain maintenance.

Ian Lancaster, a resident of Kennedy Street, discussed the problem in detail at the council meeting. According to him, blocked drains were the major reason for the problem. However, the drains are still in the same condition without any repair. Ian said that there are around 16 blocked drains in the locality. Such blockages have prevented other drains from running freely.

He feels that the concerned officials should take responsibility for the blocked drains. Dave Myers, another resident, also suggested that the blocked drains are the major reason behind this problem. The presence of blocked particles made flooding inevitable. Dave Myers also found that only one drain was functioning appropriately during the floods.

The residents themselves have cleaned some of the blocked drains. Almost all the 14 drains were blocked due to accumulation of grit. The residents are infuriated due to the Government’s apathy in spite of recent flood warnings. And Council members have decided to arrange a special flood summit for all local Government officials.

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