It is business as usual at London Drainage Facilities as normal service resumes after the team returns from their Christmas festivities.

As of 5th January, The team at London Drainage Facilities (LDF) have opened the doors again for business as usual after all the excitement of the Christmas celebrations. With plenty to look forward to in 2015, LDF are working extra hard to prepare for exciting big contracts and new customers in the coming year. Our engineering experts are on-call and back on the road providing repairs, drain maintenance and CCTV surveys, and the team at head office are busy ensuring that every single customer is delivered a service that meets their exacting standards.

The coming twelve months is set to be action-packed for everyone at LDF and all staff are showing real enthusiasm and excitement for what is in store for 2015. Fraser Ruthven, Growth and Strategy Manager at LDF says:

“Everyone is excited for 2015 – there is so much to look forward to and a real variety of exciting new projects to keep us busy. Since the moment we arrived back after Christmas it has been go, go, go. Every year we are simply getting busier and busier!”

Drains across London and the rest of the UK have taken a beating over the Christmas holidays, coping with a significant increase in oils and fats as these troublesome foodstuffs are being disposed of incorrectly. LDF’s experts have first-hand experience of the effects of the oils and fats in the city’s drains, and wish to focusing on educating people throughout the city on what can go down the drain and what needs to remain out of the capital’s sewers.

In addition, our feared wet winter weather is well underway, causing problems with transport, properties and, of course, placing more strain on our drainage systems. LDF would like to remind customers who live in areas that are prone to flooding to take precautionary measures where possible to prevent damage from occurring to their property. Last year the UK saw some of the heaviest rainfall since records began, causing terrible problems with the drains and resulting in extensive flooding. Residents can help protect their home or office by clearing debris and leaves from gullies and guttering and avoiding flushing non-soluble items down the loo, and, of course, avoid pouring fats and oils down the sink.

Danny Fuller, Managing Director of LDF, says:

“It is becoming ever more important to make London residents aware of the implications of disposing of oils and fats down the drain. As a drainage company, we see the effects more than most, but it is essential for the public to understand the problem in full if they’re going to do their bit to protect London’s drains and, on a bigger scale, its sewer network.”



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