There are many reasons why drains can become blocked, but one problem that drainage companies face on a regular basis is root infiltration into the drainage system.

Pipes can become blocked by roots when they find their way into the drainage system. They do this by finding tiny cracks in pipes and by working their way though corroded or damaged sections where pipes join together. Once the roots have entered the drainage system they quickly multiply due to the abundant source of water and can soon block the passage of waste water completely.

Drain maintenance engineers can get rid of the roots that may have entered your drainage network. They use a spinning root cutter, which is the same diameter as the pipe, to cut through any roots and associated debris. When the roots have been cut back, the pipe damage may be revealed. However, instead of a section of pipe having to be replaced, most drainage companies now use ‘no dig’ technology to repair the pipe.

One of the most common types of no dig repairs involves inserting a resin impregnated liner into the pipe and positioning it across the area of damage. When the liner sets, the pipe is completely repaired and its waste water carrying capacity is restored.

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