A huge sewer project by United Utilities in Failsworth will give a boost to the local environment when it’s complete.

Currently during times of heavy rainfall, the river at Hale Lane has to contend with sewer overflows entering the watercourse. But when Untied Utilities finish constructing a new sewer under the river, this will soon become a thing of the past.

A local group, The Moston Brook Partnership, have been campaigning to clean up the watercourse, and the £2m investment from United Utilities will now help them on their way to their goal.

The project manager on the job, David Baines, states:

“There has been a tremendous amount of activity by the Partnership to improve this stretch of Moston Brook, and now we’re delivering our part of the jigsaw.

“Every sewer system has overflow points which act like safety valves to help prevent roads and footpaths from flooding when sewers fill up during heavy rain.

“Here at Hale Lane there is an old overflow point which we have just sealed off completely by linking the sewer systems on each side of the river with the new tunnel. It will bring massive benefits to wildlife in the river and improve the environment for local people.”

The Moston Brook Environmental Events team have been brightening up the hoardings around the site with artwork which represents the work done by the community to improve the site.

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