A new sewer is being constructed in Bournmouth in an attempt to stop flooding in the locality.

A new culvert sewer is currently being installed on Priestly Road, which should be able to cope at times of heavy rainfall, something the previous surface water sewer failed to do.

Because the surface water sewer could not cope with the excess water, it occasionally led to properties on Columbia Road flooding.

The project began at the beginning of May. Joe Edmunds, the scheme project manager, stated:

“Councillors found the site visit useful as they were able to learn more about how the scheme will protect properties in the area.

“This is a major scheme to undertake and has involved large equipment being brought to site. We had to close Priestley Road for the works to be completed.

“The new culvert sewer will not only protect existing homes in the area from flooding but also future developments constructed on Columbia Road. We would like to thank residents for their continued understanding and support throughout these works.”

It’s hoped that all the work will be complete at the beginning of October.

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