Southern Water has employed the use of sand to make their waste water treatment procedures more environmentally friendly.

In a project at the Sandhurst Wastewater Treatment Works in Kent, Southern Water have installed huge sand filtering tanks which waste water is fed through to give it an extra polish before it is released to the environment.

The site upgrade is costing Southern Water £1m and is being carried out by their contractor 4Delivery.
The project manager on the scheme is Julie Anne Stokes, she said:

“The upgrade has reached a key stage now that the sand has been poured into the tanks.

“By using specialist methods we can ensure the wastewater recycled back to the environment from this site continues to meet stringent Environment Agency standards.”

The works have now reached a key stage in the proceedings as the thirty tonnes of sand which is being used has now been poured into the filtering tanks. The project is well on target to be completed by the original deadline of early next year.

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