The controversial Thames Tunnel public consultation has been extended by a month.

The original length of the public consultation was supposed to be 14 weeks, but it has been extended so more people can look at what is planned. An additional exhibition will also be held at City Hall.

Thames Water has sent over 175,000 letters and held over 20 drop-in exhibitions since the works were announced. The drop-in exhibitions have proved to be a success with over 4,000 people visiting them. Over 1,000 have also left feedback about the proposals. People who want to leave feedback now have until the 14th of January to make their feelings known.

When completed, the Thames Tunnel will stop the nearly 40 million tonnes of sewage being pumped each year into the River Thames through overflow vents.

The Head of London Tideway Tunnels, Phil Stride, stated:

“To find the least disruptive and most cost effective route and sites we need to listen very carefully to everybody’s views.

“Feedback indicates some people have only recently become aware of the consultation. That’s why we’ve decided to give people more time to get their comments in to us.

“No final decisions have been taken yet. We are following up new information which has been provided by local people and will carefully consider all comments and suggestions. Where possible, we will amend our plans. These revisions will form the basis of the second phase of public consultation which will take place next year.”

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