Drain maintenance experts are currently working on plans to make flooding on a street in Morpeth a thing of the past.

Bennetts Walk in Morpeth regularly floods at times of heavy rainfall, so Northumbrian Water recently conducted a feasibility study into why this happens and what can be done to solve the problem. It was found that the sewer simply cannot cope with the quantity of water that needs to be taken away so Northumbrian Water have suggested the construction of a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) to alleviate the problem.

Other areas of Morpeth have been struggling with flooding too, with streets in Middle Greens and Goosehill seeing flooding due to highway drainage problems.

A Northumbrian Water spokesperson stated:

“Obviously we appreciate that the people of Morpeth have suffered extreme flooding.

“The issues are very complex and the council, Environment Agency and Northumbrian Water are working together.

“Northumbrian Water has identified that the sewerage network in the Bennetts Walk area needs to be upgraded and we are currently carrying out investigations to identify the most suitable solution. We will keep residents informed of the progress.”

A local pumping station has had over £50,000 spent on it recently by Northumbrian Water. This is to make sure the station still pumps waste water in the event of a power loss at the site due to flooding.

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