Bad news for residents and business owners on Mill Road in Cambridge, a further sewer collapse has meant that works will be extended for a further eight weeks.

We first reported on the sewer collapse on Mill Road a few weeks ago, when Anglian water were carrying out emergency repairs after a section of the sewerage system collapsed. However, it seems there will now be further delays, at what was supposed to be the completion date of the works.

When the sewer was opened a few weeks ago, it was found to be only operating at 40% capacity due to various substances blocking the flow of water. Objects found included:

• Sanitary items including nappies
• Rubble
• Congealed fats and oils

When the offending blockage was removed, Anglian water performed a CCTV survey on the drainage system and found a further collapse at a distance of 30 metres from the problem. Initially a liner repair was looked into, but because the sewer was so badly damaged, Anglian water will have to dig further holes in Mill Road to repair the damage.

A spokes person for Anglian water stated:

“We’re writing to all the residents and businesses in the area again, to update them about the situation. We are genuinely sorry that this inconvenience is ongoing, but we have to repair this sewer.

“The consequences of not doing so would be holes appearing in the road and sewage backing up into people’s homes, and that’s simply unthinkable.”

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