The private drain that leads away from your home rarely fails or becomes blocked, but when it does a whole host of smelly problems can ensue. Many people ignore drain maintenance, which can be a costly mistake.
Everyone who owns a property should have a little knowledge about how to keep their drains in a good state of repair. They should also know some of the prevention methods you can use to stop the drain becoming blocked in the first place.

Stopping drain blockages in London

Prevention is always better then cure, it’s also much cheaper too. Most drain blockages are caused by people putting incorrect items down the toilet and disposing of fat down the kitchen sink. Fitting waste strainers on all plugholes can help too. Strainers stop hair clogging the pipes under the bath tub and stop food debris accumulating under the kitchen sink.

What cause blocked drains in London?

Most drain blockages in London are due to an accumulation of grease and fat, but drains can also be blocked by leaves, silt, scale and litter.

What can drain maintenance do?

If a drain is regularly maintained there will not be sufficient time for debris to build up inside the pipes. This means that waste water will always be able to flow freely and the chances of a future blockage will be minimised.

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