Thames Water has just announced that a major project to increase the capacity of one of London’s major sewer works is now half-way to being completed.

The sewage works at Mogden has seen major refurbishments take place since August 2010 and when complete will be able to cope with an increased quantity of sewage. The upgrade at the site has long been overdue but the end result will see the sewage treated more efficiently and odour levels dramatically reduced. The increased quantity of sewage treated will reduce the chances of storm tanks becoming full at times of heavy rainfall and hence reduce the chances of a discharge into the River Thames.

The sewage works at Mogden are expected to coast in the region of £140m. The head of programme delivery at Thames Water, Nick Fawcett, stated:

“We have done the bulk of the construction work and we’d like to thank the neighbours for bearing with us.

“We’ve done everything we can to minimise disruption but the worst part is over, the foundations are in place and by spring this year half of the new works will be operating.

“We still have a 200-strong team working on the site but the focus of the activity is now shifting from civil engineering – such as building foundations and tanks, to mechanical engineering and electrical installation, which will help to get the tanks up and running.”

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