When assessing the best interests of the drains in their property, one of the first and main causes of confusion centres around whether drains need to be cleaned or maintained.

However, you shouldn’t have to make the choice between drain maintenance and cleaning, as they are both equally important.

If you have had more pressing home maintenance matters to deal with over the last few years, attending to your property’s drains is likely to have been low down on your list of priorities- which may mean that they’re not in the very best state.

However, by enlisting the services of a drain maintenance professional and opting for a CCTV survey, any areas which need immediate attention or attention in the future can quickly and easily be identified.

A CCTV survey involves inserting a small camera into the drain, and images are then transmitted onto a computer screen. Through assessing these images, the professionals can then look closely at the structure and condition of drains.

So before you opt for simple drain cleaning take a look at the bigger picture and save time, expense and inconvenience in the future.

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