An £800,000 investment in sewer system in the town of Longridge will mean that homeowners will not have to worry about the flooding they have experienced in the past.

The scheme, which has now been completed, has seen over 550 metres of new sewers installed around Eden Gardens to replace the underrated, old sewer pipes. The new pipes mean that homes on Wellbrow Drive, Green Street, Mersey Street and Wheatley Drive should have no more flooding issues.

The project co-ordinator, Mark Clinton, stated:

“Since 2010 our engineers have carried out a lot of work on Longridges’ sewer system to make it better able to cope with severe storms.

“We have upgraded almost half a kilometre of pipes in Eden Gardens so that they can hold much more rain water.

“For residents affected by flooding, the improvements will deliver better protection in the future.

“The residents have had quite a lot to put up with, but they’ve been very understanding and co-operative. We really do thank them for their patience with us.”

Due to the works, excavation of the roads and pavements on the above roads was necessary. However, United Utilities have agreed with the Highways Agency to inspect the repairs they made after one year, to check the condition of the works.

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