London Drainage Facilities teamed up with The Lord Ashcroft International Business School back in January 2013 under the Low Carbon KEEP scheme. The programme provides funds to support and develop East of England Businesses through strategic University partnership and knowledge transfer.


South-East based company London Drainage Facilities (LDF) has effectively utilised funding received by the University to develop and shape its business with regards to increasing company profits and becoming more competitive through academic guidance.

With the end of the project fast approaching, it’s thought that both parties will reap the benefits of the scheme long after the project comes to an end in July 2014.

The Low Carbon KEEP project is a collaboration between a University or college and a company. The university or college typically offers business strategy plans that encourage the company to fast-track innovative ideas into its action plan.

The LC KEEP project has enabled LDF to better capitalise on the growing market for energy efficient drainage services. A plan to implement a customer directed e-marketing strategy was put into place in order to increase client interest in drainage works.

Also included in the marketing campaign was the introduction of a brand new business website and company brochure. As of autumn 2014, a CRM system will be implemented internally.

Fraser Ruthven, Marketing Associate on the LC KEEP programme between ARU and LDF, believes that the scheme has initiated “an exceptional knowledge transfer for both the University and the company” and stated that the experience has highlighted the importance of implementing a strong business strategy to help increase growth in all areas of the business.

The implementation of a brand new Vacuum Tanker Works and Flood Clearance Service has enabled LDF to venture into previously unexplored markets, increasing its customer base and allowing annual revenue to rise by a massive 25% in just one year. It’s safe to say that the company’s rapidly growing profile has sent out a shockwave to LDF’s competitors.

LDF’s Managing Director, Danny Fuller, explains how the project came at the perfect time for the firm.
“We were in a position where we wanted to reach the next level but didn’t know how to get there,” he says. “Utilising expert help provided from the University, Fraser instantly set about researching, planning and implementing a business and marketing strategy.”

The LC Keep project between ARU and LDF has most definitely been a success story. Simon Daly, Knowledge Transfer Manager at ARU, summed up the entire experience with the following statement:
“It’s always great to see our Knowledge Transfer projects play such a key role in helping ambitious companies like LDF grow and become more successful. It has been a WIN, WIN, WIN for all concerned!”

This particular LC KEEP programme is coming to an end, but the collaboration between both organisations is certainly not. The partnership are already planning their next project centred on Business Process Improvement – more details will be announced in the coming weeks.

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