London Drainage Facilities (LDF) discusses autumn maintenance tasks that should be carried out before winter sets in.

London Drainage is urging residents to clean out their gutters and surface water drains to reduce the risk of flooding this winter. An hour’s worth of remedial maintenance may help to prevent serious problems down the line.

Following one of the hottest and longest summers on record, autumn has finally set in, with sub-zero overnight temperatures hitting the south east this week. The result is an unprecedented rate of leaf fall, which is to have a catastrophic impact on many of London’s drains.

Leaves take up to two years to decompose, so if they are not physically removed they will turn to mulch that can block gutters and reduce water flow through drains, which can result in an increase of flooding problems during winter.

The UK Met Office has also predicted a colder than normal winter, which could bring heavy rainfall, snowfall and further strain our drainage network.

“Due to temperature fluctuations and storms, winter can be the most gruelling season of the year for your home or commercial building,” explains Danny Fuller, Director at London Drainage Facilities.

“It is very important that maintenance tasks are carried out before the season changes.”

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