One of the best tools in the London drain cleaning company’s arsenal is the high pressure water jet.

If you have a drain blockage, a drain cleaning company may be able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently by directing a jet of hot water at high pressure into the drainage system. In most cases this is enough to break up the offending clog and the remnants can simply be removed at the next manhole cover.

Drain jetting is a simple process but should only be carried out by drainage professionals. Some of the jetwashers you can buy to clean your driveway are not up to the job of jetting a drain and work at significantly lower pressures. The drain cleaning company also use attachments on their drain jetting equipment, which lets them get ‘up close and personal’ to the blockage so it can be removed easily.

If drain jetting alone is not enough to clear the blockage, the drain cleaning company may use CCTV survey equipment to get more information on what the cause of the problem may be. Other possible reasons for a blockage include root intrusion and a collapsed drain.

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