One can only imagine the scene that was created on one of Leyland’s streets when raw sewage flooded it. The scene was so bad that council officials had to close a few lanes as the levels of sewage rose more than a foot high.

The reason for this flowing sewage was a blocked drain. All those parents who came to drop off their kids to St. James School in Leyland had to walk through the stench. There were a few who had to return back as the problem got too bad.

One of the residents of the area, Val Watson, said that the entire lane looked like a lake. She witnessed the incident when she was driving back from the garden centre and assumed it was a water pipe that had burst. When she noticed police officers arrive, she realised the seriousness of the issue.

Serious health concerns began to arise as the level of sewage began to creep up. Cars had to drive through the flood and pedestrians and cyclists had to take diversions.

A United Utilities spokesperson was on the site the next day along with others. They made arrangements and got the work done. They confirmed that the blockage had been taken care of and apologised for all the inconvenience that the people had to go through.

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