A suburb of Greater Manchester is currently having its sewers replaced as part of a major project to stop flooding at times of heavy rainfall.

The sewage system in the Davenhill Road area of Levenshulme is being replaced with a system that can carry a greater volume of waste water. This means that during storm conditions, when there are extraordinary levels of rainfall, the sewers should not overflow.

The works are already underway, with the scheme already reaching Errwood road. The sewer under Errwood road is going to be replaced with one that can carry four times as much water as the existing sewer, so the road will be closed while the installation takes place.

While the work is taking place, traffic management systems will be operating in the area.

The project coordinator on the job, Matthew Steer, stated:

“We’re doing this work to give peace of mind to those local homeowners who have lived with terrible problem of internal flooding with sewage when it rains heavily.

“We’re sorry for any temporary disruption while the major engineering work is carried out, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

“We’d ask people to bear with us throughout the road closure and diversion. Although Errwood Road is closed to through traffic, we will maintain access up to the work area for residents.”

The work is expected to take the drain maintenance company around five months to complete.

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