Sewer improvements over the next few years in Lancaster should ensure cleaner bathing water in Morecambe and Heysham, says waste water company United Utilities.

The North West waste water company are upgrading the sewers in the region over the next few years so that the system can cope with a larger amount of sewage. The scheme, which is aimed at cleaning up the River Lune, has already been underway for six months.

Engineers have started digging trial holes in the city of Lancaster to get ready for future work, including the addition of two huge storm water tanks under the city.

The project co-coordinator for United Utilities, John Byron, stated:

“Our engineers have been a regular fixture in the north of the city for several months. In 2013, we expect to be moving work into parts of the city centre, to further improve the sewer network serving the area.

“We need to dig trial holes, to get a clearer idea of the ground conditions that we will encounter. We’re carrying out a lot of this exploratory work out at night, to minimise traffic disruption.

“The legacy of this scheme will be a cleaner, greener Lancaster. It’s vitally important for the city’s environmental, and economic future.”

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