The cyclists from the region of Douglas on the Isle of Man are facing serious trouble due to ongoing drainage problems. The drainage coupled with bad weather conditions has further elevated the problem.

The current unfavourable weather has further damaged certain parts of the Peel railway line. The cyclists in particular cannot access this particular path. The damaged railway line and clogged drain is already causing inconvenience to the residents. Joseph Moore is one of the residents who complained about the inability to cross the Heritage Trail due to the presence of water pools and potholes.

He said that the sign posted near the stream clearly states that the route is intended for walking, cycling and horse riding. However, the damaged route renders it useless for such residents. Joseph feels that this particular path can be transformed into an attractive spot for tourists and locals. Joseph also suggested the transformation of the place into a pleasant and attractive spot. The proposal has now been passed over to the Department for Transport.

According to a spokesman from the Department for Transport, the officials concerned will begin the restoration work in the near future. They will also be providing an alternative route to the cyclists from the A1 in Douglas to Peel Road.

The lack of drain maintenance is the major reason for this persistent problem. The concerned officials will install sewage links to put an end to this problem.

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