Manufacturers of personal hygiene products are being asked to make their labels easy to understand, so products don’t get flushed into the general sewage system.

Waste water company, United Utilities, is currently working with the UK Water Industry and the European Association of Manufacturers so a test protocol can be designed which will enable products to be labelled as sewer friendly. The products will of course have to pass rigorous tests to attain this accreditation.

There are currently many products in the market which are being labelled as safe to flush down the toilet, but are in fact causing countless problems at sewage treatment works. United Utilities run their ‘What Not to Flush’ campaign to try to educate the general public what can and what can’t be flushed down the toilet. But the misleading information currently found on product packaging is hampering their cause.

United Utilities regional wastewater network manager, Mike Wood, stated:

“It’s no wonder our customers are confused. We’re calling on manufacturers and retailers to ensure these products are labelled clearly and correctly, to avoid the mess, expense and environmental damage of sewer flooding.”

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