In another blow to Thames Water’s plans for their 20-mile super sewer, the Save King Edward Memorial Park (SaveKEMP) campaign have released a statement in which they say the waste water company have “shown utter disregard for our community.”

Thames Water hopes that the building of a new sewer, roughly following the path of the River Thames, will take away overflowing sewerage which would otherwise end up in the river.

The statement from SaveKEMP comes after Thames Water said that the original 24 proposed development sites would not change. In terms of the King Edward memorial park this means that the land will be used by Thames Water while they connect the North East Relief Combined Sewer Overflow to the new tunnel. Construction works will also be situated in the park for the building of the tunnel itself while the works take place.

Explaining the SaveKEMP position to East London Lines, the Vice Chair and campaign coordinator Emma Dunsire said that the group are not averse to the tunnel being built, but think the construction site choices have been very poor.

Emma said:

“Worst case scenario, we know that something has to be done in this area, and we’d rather put up with a bit more disruption, as long as the park is left alone.”

Thames Water spokesperson Nick Tennant responded to the concerns in East London Lines:

“The park will be saved, and the park will stay open. We think we can leave the park a better place and leave improvements behind us. That’s not to say there won’t be disruption, but the park will not close and we believe we can make improvements as a result of us doing this work.”

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