There’s nothing worse than realising that something’s wrong in your home, especially just as Christmas guests are about to arrive. With so much to think about over the festive period, from serving enough food to navigating the jumble of gifts, games, and everyone’s favourite TV Christmas specials, inadequate plumbing is the last thing you want to add to your list.

Here at London Drainage Facilities, our local drainage engineers work all year round to not only repair damaged and blocked drains, but to promote health checks and ongoing maintenance work – all of which helps to keep your home running smoothly when you most need it to.

These are just a few of the ways in which our engineers can help.

Installation and maintenance

Based in London, our team are skilled in installing and laying pipework – whether for a brand new property or as part of extensive repair work. With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the drainage system across the city and beyond, our installation services see us connecting entire new sections of drainage to existing pipework and replacing any worn or faulty pipes to the existing system seamlessly.
Once pipework is installed and laid, we provide ongoing support in the form of advice and our regular maintenance service which includes unlimited callouts, routine cleaning and drain flushing, and blockage inspections.

Drain Blockages

When disaster strikes and you start to notice a pungent smell around your drains or find that sinks aren’t emptying as quickly as normal, you might be facing a drain blockage. An escalating problem that can fast leave your drains completely ineffective if left untreated, seeking the services of a professional company who can remove and flush out your blockage is integral – and should be done as quickly as possible.
The London Drainage Facilities team combine high quality equipment with industry know-how and a comprehensive understanding of the layout of different drainage networks, allowing us to flush out blockages caused by grease, fat, unwanted hair, and other foreign objects that get stuck in your drains.

Drain Repairs

A last resort and often a service that is required when blocked drains have been left to fester, or if a drainage system is simply too old to operate effectively anymore, our drain repairs are built on two different service options. The first is a simple lining process which allows us to patch up existing pipework and plug any leaks or cracks in your drainage system. We use two different repair formats for this service – the first is a polyester resin based felt for straight fixes and smaller repairs, while the second is a stronger solution which uses an epoxy flexi liner which sets and bonds the cracks of a pipe together.

The alternative, and the best solution to irreparable damage, is pipe installation and replacement. This is a more expensive fix, though our team will always do what they can to keep services as affordable as possible.

Don’t let faulty pipes or tired drainage networks spoil your Christmas. For more information on how our drainage contractors can help you over the Christmas Period, get a tailored quote for emergency or maintenance work and get in touch with us directly.

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