How it Could Benefit Your Business

As leading providers of commercial electrostatic cleaning, we work with a wide range of London businesses.

What is electrostatic cleaning, and could it be the right choice for you and your business? Here is how it can be used to great success in the workplace.

What is electrostatic cleaning?

First of all: what is electrostatic deep cleaning? It’s a fairly new process that really took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. It sees a mist that is electrostatically charged sprayed onto a surface. This mist can be sprayed with minimal human interaction, and steps can even be taken to automate the process if your business premises is in need of regular cleaning.

The fluid in the dispenser is atomised through an electrode, and is then dispensed as a fine mist. The mist is positively charged, which allows it to bind to hard surfaces and other objects. It can even stick to people! All of this, of course, comes with no ill-effects.

Protect your team

Why are so many business owners opting for electrostatic cleaning? Well, it is one of the most effective ways to protect your team from illnesses caused by bacteria or viruses. No employer wants to lose members of staff to sickness on a temporary basis, even if it is only for a few days at a time! Electrostatic cleaning is seriously effective, and can dramatically reduce the risk of disease transmission and cross-contamination in the workplace. Whether you are worried about Covid or seasonal stomach bugs, electrostatic cleaning will help you to maintain a healthier, happier team.

No mess

Having your work premises professionally cleaned is a necessity, but you don’t need us to tell you that it can be a messy process! Electrostatic cleaning gives us the ability to clean entire rooms through continuous spraying. This results in no mess, which is a huge plus for those who need to keep their business premises tidy around the clock. You won’t have to deal with bleach stains, sticky sanitisers, or dangerously slippery floors!


No business owner wants cleaners infringing on their space and operations for an extended period of time. With electrostatic cleaning, there is so little disruption posed to your business. As the cleaning solution can simply be sprayed within the specified area without needing to be rinsed off or removed in any way, it takes much less time to carry out than other cleaning methods. We will be out of the way in no time at all, allowing you to get back to what’s most important: business as usual.

We’re here to help

Why choose London Drainage Facilities? Well, we have years of experience working with a wide range of customers, and since we have added electrostatic cleaning to our repertoire our success has only continued to grow. We make the effort to get to know every customer that we work with, tailoring our services to suit the needs of your business, your staff, and your own customers.

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