Drain maintenance companies don’t just offer drain cleaning solutions. They can also offer services such as CCTV surveys and a full maintenance schedule for your drainage system. Some also offer solutions to problems such as drain chamber cover removal and replacement.

What is a chamber cover and why does it seize?

A drain chamber cover can be basically defined as the cover over the access point to the drainage system. We drive over these covers every day and occasionally see them lifted when someone needs access to a drainage system. These covers can be left in position for decades before they need to be lifted. And, in some cases the cover can actually fuse with the cover frame making it impossible to lift.

Some of these drain covers are so heavy to lift that any person who tries to lift them may sustain personal injury. That is why drain maintenance companies use hydraulic lifting equipment to remove heavy drain covers. Using the right type of machinery to lift the cover means the cover will not be damaged and also means that it can be replaced safely.

If it is impossible to lift the cover because of years of neglect, some drain maintenance companies will even replace the frame and cover completely so access can again be gained to the drain.

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