What Does Drain Maintenance Entail?

Regular drain maintenance involves having regular check-ups of your drainage system from a technician who can check on any build-up of sediment or scale in your drains and clear it before it has chance to build up more and cause a blockage.

Our maintenance service means keeping on top of any issues that may occur before they can create a larger problem. On every visit, we will usually provide a service clean with a high-pressure water jet or rotating coring plant. We will then report back to you any problems we have found and what steps should be taken to solve them.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Drain Maintenance?

When scale builds up in pipes, which it can do quickly, it can slow the flow of drains. If this builds up a significant amount, you will experience blockages or slow draining of water.

Regular maintenance can help to reduce the chance of pipe blockages, as solid matter can accumulate in pipes and result in the pipe bursting or a sewer becoming blocked. Consequently, you can also eliminate the chance of bad odours occurring due to the accumulation of waste sitting in pipes.

As well as better hygiene and draining, you will also benefit from avoiding any major draining emergencies occurring by catching problems early.

How Expensive Is Regular Drain Maintenance?

Regular drain maintenance is a lot more affordable than you think, we will happily provide you with a free no obligation tailored quote. We will send a London Drainage Facilities Surveyor to your site to gain an understanding of the requirements and recommend the best drain maintenance programme for you.

Whether you are a private property or a business, we are happy to provide this service and ensure you receive the fairest price.

How Can I Look After My Drains?

While it can often seem like a good idea, avoid using chemicals to clear your drains, this does not prevent drains blocking, it just slows the process. The chemicals can also damage the structure of pipes and seals within your drainage system which can lead to the need for replacements.

Avoid flushing non-flushable items such as wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary products or paper towels. Dispose of cooking fat with food waste or in your bin once cool rather than pouring it down the drain, likewise with coffee grounds. Finally, use a drain-gate in your shower to catch hair and soap scum and prevent it gathering in drains.

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