One of the most common reasons for blocked drainage is the ingress of roots from trees and plants into sewer pipes.

When a sewer system is very old, it’s not uncommon for small hairline cracks to form in the pipes and the connections between the pipes. Small cracks don’t normally cause a problem to the integrity of the system until they become much larger or until roots from surrounding greenery find their way through these cracks.

The smallest roots can infiltrate a sewer system if they find their way in and can quickly multiply and grow, further damaging the waste pipe system. If this is allowed to go on unmonitored a pipe can become blocked by these roots in a relatively short space of time.

If a pipe has become blocked by roots, a drainage company in London can use root cutters to trim the roots back to the internal diameter of the pipe, without the need for excavation. They can then insert a pipe liner into the pipe so that there is no way for the roots to get back into the drainage system again.

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