When your sinks start to get blocked, it’s time for you to take some serious action. The foul odour of blocked drains is difficult to avoid if the necessary steps are not taken on time. You need to act quickly by contacting your local drainage company.

After any blockages are removed, it is likely that the block may occur again unless you get the entire drainage system checked. You may need to opt for high pressure jetting of the drainage system.

Your home is connected to hundreds of lateral pipes which are connected to the main drainage system. Drains commonly get clogged because of grease and other oil based substances.

You should ideally get a routine check up of your drains every 6 months.

If you live in London, drain cleaning and maintenance may seem like a huge task, so it’s important that you leave the task to the experts, as they are well trained and fully equipped to carry out the job properly.

London drainage companies specialise in all types of drain cleaning, and can help to prevent future problems.

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