Drain blockages can spell disaster for the homeowner, not only does the waste water cause potential for health issues, the damaging effects of the waste can leave you with a costly repair bill.

Most homeowners have a regimen of household maintenance tasks they do on a regular basis, from painting and decorating, to simply cleaning the bathroom or even just vacuuming. However, one part of the home that gets used every day but rarely receives any maintenance is the drainage system that takes the waste water away from your house. Occasionally you might put bleach down your toilet, or you might even pour hot water down the sink once in a while, but rarely does a homeowner check the internal drains themselves to see if there is an accumulation of debris or damage to the pipe.

It’s prudent for every homeowner to have a regular drain healthcheck. A drainage company can insert a CCTV camera into a homeowner’s drainage system to look for problems before they worsen. In most cases, the drain will receive a clean bill of health, but if problems are found, they can usually be fixed with the minimum of disruption and fuss; stopping a potential problem before it causes damage to the home.

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