Residents are concerned at the lack of action from drainage company Thames Water after their homes in Headington suffered problems due to sewage leaks and water bursts.

Councillors from Headington handed Thames Water officials a nine page list of problems at an emergency meeting last Monday.

The meeting was held after over 2,000 people in the area had their water supplies cut off due to a mains leak. Centres which lost water for around four hours included the Churchill Hospital and Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre.

Residents have also complained about recent sewage leaks around the St Andrew’s Road area. Councillor Ruth Wilkinson said:

“I raised issues to do with sewage flooding in Old Headington and also in the Old Road area.

“The area has sewers which are Victorian. I have asked him to find out how much more development Headington can take. When we get big development in Headington we want to be sure the infrastructure can support it.”

The document which was handed to Thames Water detailed every leak in Headington which had been reported to Councillor Wilkinson since 2005. The waste water company has promised to look at the document before responding. Councillor Wilkinson commented:

“When these problems occur Thames Water is quite good at tackling them and they were very quick at fixing it the last time there was a leak in Headington.

“But we need to make sure the service is proactive rather than reactive.”

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