Thames Water has announced that thankfully ground water levels have started to drop.

Despite the April showers many regions have seen over the last few weeks ground water levels have dropped slightly in the Thames Valley region. This is despite the first half of the month seeing around 57% of the average monthly rainfall.

This is good news for residents who live in areas where tankers were previously needed to remove some of the excess sewer waste.

The sewer flooding seen by residents at the end of last year and the beginning of this caused misery for thousands. This was because 2012 was the wettest on record in England and the sewer system simply couldn’t cope with the extra rainfall it was expected to take away.

The number of tankers removing excess sewage has now been reduced by more than half.

The head of network at Thames Water, Anthony Crawford, said:

“Last week we had a fair amount of rain but overall, we’ve still only had 57% per cent of the average rainfall so far in April meaning that groundwater levels are starting to drop off in some areas.

“The sun has started to make a much-needed return this week so we’ve been able to remove some of our tankers in areas which are coping so we can give people a break from the noise and disruption they cause.

“In a lot of places, we’ve already started our investigations as to whether any repairs are needed and we’re working with the Environment Agency and local authorities to discuss flood alleviation schemes for the future.”

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