Good news is in store for the residents of Gloucester with the onset of drainage work around Gloucester Park. The drainage work will encompass repairs of a damaged drain which goes from the park into Sud Brook. The repair work will begin in November.

The residents of Gloucester had faced severe flooding in 2007. The water was not restricted within the brook’s basin, which eventually increased the flooding. Around 100 homes on Weston Road, St Paul’s Road and Stroud Road were caught in the flooding.

Nicola Lynas – one of the flood victims – sad fun fair officials had filled wet patches with sand and this had blocked the drains. This forced the water into the stream and from there, it entered residents’ homes, filling them with around six inches of water.

The drains at Gloucester are covered with plants and other waste, which has resulted in blockage. The drain maintenance work is being carried out by Gloucester City Council and the entire project will take around two weeks.

This particular drainage maintenance project is a part of the council’s current flood alleviation programme.

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