A public exhibition will be held at Glenridding Public Hall on Wednesday the 27th of July to show off the proposed new sewer system.

The project which is estimated to be costing Untied Utilities approximately £940,000 will connect 35 houses to the mains sewage system and should be completed before the end of spring 2012.

The project co-ordinator Mark Clinton stated:

“We want to build a new public sewer to give homes and businesses who currently deal with their own waste the option of letting us take it away and do it for them,

“Our new pipe will connect houses in Greenside Road to the sewer system in central Glenridding so that their waste is taken for full treatment before it is returned clean to the local watercourse.

“It will be great news for the environment and hopefully ease the strain on householders as well.”

Most of the work will be done away from the public highway in fields near the site, but some disturbance could be caused to residents of Browfield Close and Greenside Road.

Members of the public who want to view the plans should visit Glenridding Public Hall between 3pm and 7pm.

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