A project by United Utilities has just been completed in Galgate to stop waste water finding its way into the River Conder.

Before the sewer project was started, waste water would flow uncontrolled into the river during times of heavy rainfall. But a recent project by waste water company United Utilities has installed a £360,000 screen, which allows only the storm water to pass through into the river.

The project manager on the job, Dawn Harrington, is pleased that the local community went out of their way to help the firm while the works were being undertaken. And, as a result, United Utilities have given £3,000 to two local good causes.

She said:

“The football club very kindly let us share their access road and villagers were very patient with our construction traffic for the whole of the two-month project. We’re grateful and we wanted to say thanks.”

The work on the sewer system in Galgate finished in December and when the area takes seed in the spring, it will be impossible to know drain maintenance engineers carried out the work.

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