As part of their push to make people more aware of what not to flush down their toilets and to beat the winter chill, United Utilities will be giving away free bags of winter goodies to people in Keswick, Carlisle and Workington over the next few days.

The free gift bags contain a free ice scraper and a recipe for bird seed cake along with a host of advice leaflets on how to stop pipes freezing and what’s not ok to flush down the toilet.

The bags can be collected from Asda in Carlisle today, Asda in Workington tomorrow and Booths in Keswick on Thursday.

The leaflet on ‘What not to flush’ gives advice on what to do with your leftovers such as the turkey fat after you have eaten your Christmas dinner and gives a list of what is NOT ok to flush down your toilet. The director of customer services at United Utilities stated:

“Every year, cooks in the North West pour thousands of litres of hot fat and cooking oil down their kitchen sink, mostly after the turkey has come out of the oven. When fat cools, it solidifies causing a blockage…”

In a recent survey by United Utilities, the water company found that 16% of men in the North West thought it was OK to flush condoms, only 14% of homes have a bin in their bathroom and 14% of people thought it was OK to flush baby wipes down the toilet.

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