Thames Tunnel project manager Malcolm Orford is giving a talk on the 13th of December about the current round of tunnel proposals put forward by Thames Water.

The free talk, which will be held at The Pier House in Chiswick at 7:30pm, will give people a chance to hear the latest information about the sewer project.

Currently over 39 million tonnes of sewage flow into the River Thames every year at times of heavy rainfall, as the city’s Victorian sewer system struggles to cope during times of heavy rainfall.

The plan is to capture overflow sewage from the 34 most polluting sewage outlets into the Thames and transfer it via the new ‘super sewer’ to Beckton Sewage Works where the waste will be treated.

The talk has been organised by Chiswick Pier Trust (CPT) who are a charity whose objective is to protect the River Thames and waterside areas. There will be time for questions factored into schedule and doors will open at 7:00pm.

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