A free eco saving pack is being given away by Yorkshire Council, who is hoping that residents will realise the benefits of being ‘green’.

The pack, which can be hired from local libraries, includes an energy usage monitor, a water saving device and a fat collector.

The energy usage monitor must be returned to the library, but the fat collector and the water saver can be kept.

Every year thousands of pounds are spent unclogging drains that have become blocked by people who discard used cooking fat down the sink. By using the fat collector, the fat will solidify and can be simply composted. The water saver fits to the toilet cistern and can save around one litre per flush, which can equate to huge savings if you are on a water meter.

Councillor Simon Fraser stated:

“The monitors can be taken out on loan, just like a book or compact disk. It is hand-held and very simple to use.

“Seeing how much electricity is being used can be a real shock. It is amazing how quickly we can then find ways to save energy and, as a result, money.

“It is a good time to be loaning the packs before the cold weather is upon us.”

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