Businesses in Penrith town centre closed earlier this month after flash floods flowed through the town centre streets. More than 20 businesses are thought to have been affected after about 1pm in the afternoon on Monday the 7th June. The half hour torrential rain storm meant that fire crews had to be called to pump water out of houses on four streets.

One shop owner is quoted to have said that it looked like the drains were blocked because water flowed straight down a road and created a pond. The Environment Agency are currently working on a scheme to protect Penrith from events like this, but due to the magnitude of the water in such a short space of time, the drains just could not cope.

Problems like the ones seen above in Penrith can be exacerbated by blocked or faulty drainage. And while events like the above might only take place infrequently, it’s important that all our drains are performing to the peak of their ability, so if a problem were to occur, the drains would be able to handle it. Blocked drainage can be caused by many things, but if you have a drain maintenance contract in place, you can be sure that your drains will be in good working order.

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