During heavy rains recently, traders in New Haw, Surrey were trying to save their own businesses from flooding, as water levels rose dramatically at part of The Broadway River due to blocked drains creating a back up of waste water.

Surrey County Council’s highways department visited the site, but one of the local business owners was able to shift part of the blockage himself, which was a result of a mass build up of autumnal leaves, which had not been swept away.

Simon Hayes, the business owner in question said that, the water level was so high that it reached up to the foot of the door as council workers were putting barriers up to prevent the flow. Simon also added that, the flooding has affected their trade, as the whole surrounding area was affected by the excess water.

Sarah Cooper, from Ramekins Ltd butchers notified the Highways department of the pending flooding who referred her back to the Council offices.

Ms Cooper said that another concerned shopkeeper called them again, after which the Highways department came and closed the part of the road which was outside the shops.

According to a spokesman from Surrey County Council, the maintenance is carried out once a year, but this flooding incident may prompt a more regular programme of checks for the drainage systems in their area.

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