Two historic parks in South London protected by an award-winning flood defence project.

Thought to cost approximately £4.8 million, an award winning flood defence project in Southwark, South London has been created to help protect two historic parks – Herne Hill and Dulwich.

Designed to capture water during heavy periods of rain, the defence system works by combining above and below-ground temporary flood storage.

Herne Hill and Dulwich are areas that often become flooded because they are both in a low-lying catchment of the Effra River, therefore the project provides much needed protection for both historic sites. As a result of the public being keen to maintain the appearance of the parks, measures were implemented to ensure significant areas were not lost – the block systems used are load bearing and could revert back to their original appearance, and because each tank did not exceed 1 metre in depth they could be covered with top soil, ensuring they are almost invisible.

In both areas, the distinct needs of the parks were kept in mind. Above ground, a mixture of natural earth bunding, a detention basin and dwarf-brick retaining wall structures were used, as well as a geocellular block storage below ground that plays a key element in the flood defence.

Fraser Ruthven, Head of Marketing & Growth at LDF, said: “Implementing flood defence in areas of London that are at high risk is essential to keeping local landmarks, businesses and homes away from destructive floodwater.

“This is why this particular scheme led by Southwark Council in South London is essential for the city – it’s safeguarding the protection of future generations,” he adds.

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