A recent flooding incident has caused grave discomfort to a disabled Caithness resident.

Lydia Popowic, a disabled artist, suffered heavy damages to her property due to flooding. Lydia’s purpose-built village home was damaged by flooding for the second time in a period of three months.

The floods have damaged her professional work as well. Lydia, who uses a wheelchair, was about to move back to her Lybster house. However, her home was damaged due to a combination of heavy downpour and a poor drainage system. Firefighters had to pump the two ft. deep floodwater from four homes in Caithness along with the gardens in the street.

However, the flooding problem was aggravated further due to sewage problems. Lydia stayed in rented accommodation in the meantime. The second flooding incident damaged the entire property. The Highland Council is currently examining the faulty drainage system. Torrential rains have further elevated the problem. The lack of regular drain maintenance is being cited as one of the reasons for this drain related problem.

The incident also harmed Lydia’s professional life with the flooding damaging her studio. Ms. Popowich describes the incident as the worst incident of her life.

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