At some point in your life you’ll have to contend with a blocked sink or blocked bath tub. Blocked sinks are a common occurrence faced by thousands of households every year. However, you needn’t panic if you have a blocked sink, as removing the blockage is normally quite simple.

When your sink is blocked you might notice that the water drains away much slower than usual. If the sink is completely blocked, the water won’t drain away at all and you might have to manually remove some of the accumulated water before you can tackle the blockage.

Some sinks have a detachable ‘U’ bend pipe which sits just underneath the sink. It’s common for this section of pipe to accumulate food debris and solidified fats. With a bucket placed under this section of pipe it’s easy to unscrew the pipe from the adjoining sections so the waste matter in the pipe can be disposed of in the general waste.

If you don’t fancy your plumbing skills, you can try a plunger or use a rotating drain snake, which is a flexible rod like device which you can insert down the plughole to try to shift the clog.

If all else fails and the sink blockage is still proving difficult to move, a quick call to your drainage experts in London should get the job done.

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