Clogged drains can be a nightmare for a lot of people. But drain cleaning is not impossible if you follow these five easy steps.

Step 1: Remember to use rubber gloves first. Start by loosening the screws close to the opening. Now use a flashlight and check the drain for the exact cause and location of the clog. Depending on its severity, use a metal hanger or plunger to pull that clog out.

Step 2: Put a little petroleum jelly on its edges before putting the plunger into the drain. The plunger should be placed over the drain while the water is running in such a way that the plunger head is under the water level. Then, pump it for 20 minutes without a break.

Step 3: Keep checking with a flash light and repeat the task as many times as needed until you reach the clog.

Step 4: Put it down the drain and spin it a few times. If you feel you have reached the clog pull up again. Open the tap and check if you managed to unclog your shower.

Step 5: The last resort for you would be buying a chemical drain cleaner for this process.

Also, regular drain maintenance will prevent any such occurrence. It would be smart if you keep a few of these drain maintenance tools to hand in order to be prepared for any situation.

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