One of the most common blockages that drain cleaning companies in London find is caused by the infiltration of roots into the pipe network. Roots work there way into the pipe network through the small cracks in the pipe’s structure. And once they find an easy source of water they quickly multiply, blocking the drain.

Root intrusion into a drainage system couldn’t happen if the pipe was not damaged or defective in any way. The pipe needs to be in good working order and have no cracks or disturbance to work effectively all the time.

If a pipe does have cracks, not only does the chance of further damage increase, contamination from the water can enter the surrounding environment. In the worst cases, the water can wash away the soil around the pipe, which can lead to subsidence and further drainage pipe damage.

The drainage engineers in London can usually tell if root intrusion is the cause of a drainage blockage. They can insert a CCTV camera into the drain, which travels along the drain length relaying images to the engineer on the surface. The images can then be used to produce a report on the overall condition of the pipe and hence make the necessary recommendations to solve the drainage problem.

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