Need Drain Lining?

After recently being called in by a North London accountancy firm, we were asked to investigate a re-occurring damp patch at the base of a soil stack to the side of their building. London Drainage Facilities first carried out CCTV survey which revealed a broken bend to the base of the leaking stack.

Excavation would have proved to costly and disruptive so we were instructed to carry out a small epoxy lining repair to seal and strengthen the fault.

A section of stack was cut away to allow suitable access, then a piece of flexible liner was installed downstream beyond the previously noted defect. The liner was inflated using pressurised air which allows maximum cohesion to pipe host pipe.

Upon completion, new Timesaver couplings were used to re-instate pipe work which was cut away, and site was left clear and clean.

A full water test was then carried out which showed no further defects.

In this instance the full lining repair cost just £350+vat, whereas an excavation would have cost closer to £1000+vat, and taken two-three days to complete.

Lining is a far more cost effective and simple solution than old fashion digging, hence the reason insurance companies and alike all opt for lining if the option is available.

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