Residents of Exmouth have expressed their anger at the continual problem of blocked drains in their locality. Many people are upset regarding the absence of a proper drainage maintenance system. This has been the key reason for the blockage of drains. The residents fear a certain flood if the drains are not fixed in time. Proper drain maintenance prevents the chances of flooding.

The drains are further blocked due to the disposal of unwanted household articles. This prevents the water from flowing properly. The same blockage problem persists in New Street. The local residents are unhappy with the way the concerned authorities are dealing with the problem.

The people of Exmouth are certainly frustrated and are planning to set up a meeting to deal with the drainage problem. The problem will only be aggravated after the winter rains, which will further add to their woes.

The concerned officials have assured the citizens that they will assess the complete situation. Problems (if any) will be dealt via their sewer cleansing programme.

An official from the Devon County council said that pouring rain might cause flooding on a short-term level in some of the areas. This sort of flooding is inevitable and is caused by over exceeding the limit of the drainage system.

Exmouth residents are thus looking for a solution to their drainage-related problems.

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