You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only CCTV you need to know about in London is the kind that protects residents and stores, as well as businesses and landmarks across the city. However, the kind of CCTV surveys that we’re interested in are far less concerned with what’s going on across the streets of London, focussing instead on what’s going on beneath the pavement and behind the scenes of each plumbing system within every property.

Our CCTV surveys in London employ the highest grade of equipment to diagnose blocked and damaged drains, using sophisticated camera technology to first identify the presence of a blockage deep within a drain and then to create a report relating to the resolution of the issue. Keep reading for more information on how these surveys work, and how to know if you need one.

What is a CCTV survey and how does it work?

A CCTV drain survey uses a camera system mounted to the end of a flexible pipe, which can be fed into a drain, and which relays the images and video footage back to a screen that’s above ground and being constantly monitored by a member of the team.

This camera system is designed to isolate and locate the exact position of a blockage or damage within the drain network, enabling the team to then rectify the issue without needing to dig up large portions of the drainage system.

The benefits of CCTV surveys are clear, ensuring a more efficient resolution to the client’s blocked drains and enabling the team to identify the issue and fix it without causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding system or the ground around a property.

How do I know if I need a CCTV survey?

Most clients approach us seeking a CCTV survey when they experience the symptoms of a blocked drain. These typically include an unpleasant aroma, slow-draining sinks, and toilets, a backup of water around the plughole of a sink or shower, and surface water around the outside of the property on known drainage sites.

Alternatively, clients may request a CCTV survey if they are aware of an issue somewhere in the drainage system but are unsure where the issue is or how bad it is, or if they have recently purchased a property and would like a report on the state of the system and pipe network.

All our CCTV surveys can be compiled into reports that we present to clients, combining information and advice with a series of images and video footage about the issue and the recommended remedy.

What do I do if I need a CCTV survey?

Here at London Drainage Facilities, we make it easier than ever for clients to access both our standard drain maintenance services and the most sophisticated services including CCTV surveys and drain repair work. Whatever your needs, our team are on hand to advise remotely and via a site visit, ensuring that your issue is identified and rectified as efficiently as possible.

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