The Environment Agency and Thames Water are investigating after local residents discovered a host of dead animals next to a stream in Little Marlow.

Swan, ducks and fish have all reportedly succumbed to the pollution in the stream with other dead birds also spotted floating on the surface of the water. Dog owners have also reported that their pets have been ill after swimming in the stream and associated lake.

After inspecting the problem the Environment Agency said that they believe the source of the problem was a surcharging manhole which is the property of Thames Water.

A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said:

“The blockage in the manhole has been cleared and the discharge stopped. Approximately six dead fish were discovered at the scene. Officers are investigating.”

Thames Water spokesperson Craig Rance said:

“A blockage in a manhole cover caused sewage to flow into the stream on The Moor on Thursday, November 15.

“This has now cleared but we will be doing a CCTV survey of the pipes to make sure there are no further problems.

“Unfortunately, six dead fish were found but we believe these to be the only animals that were affected. Any pollution incident is deeply regrettable and we’re very sorry for the damage this has caused.”

It remains unproven what caused the deaths of the other animals.

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